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About OAR

What is Owner Assisted Remodeling (OAR)?
OAR fills an un-served void in the remodeling industry that we have identified during our (54) years of experience. Our clients are educated consumers, budget conscious, have friends or relatives in complimentary/related trades, and/or would like to do some of the project work themselves. OAR is the answer to the underlying question: Where do we find someone who will assist us with the certain aspects of our project, while allowing us to handle those we’re comfortable with?

Who is The OAR Group, Inc.?
The OAR Group, Inc. is a full-service design/build/remodel company specializing in Kitchens, Rec-rooms, Additions and Bathrooms.

Our focus is Owner Assisted Remodeling (OAR)


What services are offered by The OAR Group, Inc.?

The OAR Group, Inc. can, and oftentimes does, provide every aspect of a residential remodeling project from project inception through project completion (i.e. design through construction). However, The OAR Group, Inc. offers opportunities in working with Clients who choose to perform some of the work themselves. Simply stated: We will do all OAR some of your remodeling project!

How does the OAR program work? It’s as easy as 1-2-3:
1. We start with a meeting of the minds and get to know one-another.
We need to:
2. Understand your project, your budget, and your timeframe
3. Understand who will be responsible for what.
TOGETHER, WE build it as WE planned it!

Will Owner Assisted Remodeling really save me money?
Absolutely! Utilizing your efforts where you’re comfortable, and ours for everything else, we’ll create a beautiful space, on-time and, more importantly, on-budget. It is an awesome combination!

I have a REMODELING IDEA but I don’t know where to start
Regardless of the scope or depth of your remodeling project, The OAR Group, Inc. can provide all of the necessary labor and materials to accomplish nearly any residential remodeling project, which means you will never have to make another call to any Plumbers, Electricians, Heating Contractors, OAR any other trades. We will handle every detail of your project from start to finish, OAR we will let you provide any of the labor and/or materials you choose.

How much will my project cost?
It is important to have a budget in mind prior to proceeding with the design of your project. This should be discussed at the initial meeting to make sure your expectations are in line with your budget constraints. The challenge with providing an estimate prior to the completion of a detailed design is that if we guess to high, you may not proceed with the project and conversely, if we guess to low, you may be disappointed the final proposed price. Therefore, we will make a reasonable attempt at providing a budgetary range during our initial site visit. This allows you to get at least a “ball-park” feel for the cost of the journey on which you are about to embark. Also, using square footage calculations for additions is often extremely inaccurate because you are commonly renovating some of your existing home to accommodate the addition. The other major cost factors include the selection of products such as windows, millwork, cabinetry, countertops, plumbing fixtures, finishes, etc. We liken it to these simple questions: “How much does a bag of groceries cost?” or “How much does a car cost per square foot?” What we try to do is compare your project to other projects we have done to get a budget range. Establishing a budget helps us in the design process, which is the next step.

Do I need an Architect?
No, The OAR Group, Inc. has designers on-staff that are capable of designing nearly every remodeling project in three dimensional drawings (3-D). These drawings provide you the opportunity to “walk-through” your project long before the project begins, and even more importantly, before a remodeling agreement is signed. However there may be some projects that would benefit from a licensed Architect, and for projects such as these, we will gladly refer you to one of several proven local architects.

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