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Time For Kids, LLC was founded in 2006 by Kevin Anundson and Jeff Auberger to raise money to support the medical needs of children worldwide.


“To raise as much money as possible each year and dedicate it to the medical needs of children worldwide.”


Kevin Anundson and Jeff Auberger have collectively been involved in the remodeling and new construction industry for about 28 years.

Based upon our experience and insight to the DIY craze, we founded a remodeling company called Owner Assisted Remodeling (OAR). We are a residential remodeling company that creates an environment which allows its clients to perform the work they are capable of, or desiring to learn, while handling the balance of necessary responsibilities to complete the project in a timely fashion on a smaller budget. Our slogan is: “We will do all or Some of your remodeling project”.

During the construction of countless projects over the years, we consistently placed a business card [with notes on the back] in the wall cavities noting a variety of things from project cost to the current President of the U.S., to the cost of a gallon of gasoline. One day in the Fall of 2005 we both happened to be at the same job site and as Kevin began writing on the back of his card it hit him; “why not offer something specific for everyone to use in this application?” The “Time for Kids” Time Capsule was born.

By the spring of 2006 we had identified the capsule, the contents and the suppliers, and most importantly, the true PURPOSE and MISSION STATEMENT of our idea. Then with the assistance of our attorney, we protected the product, obtained a UPC code and founded the company, Time for Kids, LLC.


We’re proud to say all of our suppliers have stepped up and provided great pricing and product availability, knowing that their efforts are supporting a worthwhile cause.

Probably the most exciting thing to us, however, is the company who will perform our packaging. We have aligned ourselves with Bethesda Lutheran Services. They will receive all of our supplies, package, box and then ship the finished products to their final destinations.

Bethesda Lutheran is a facility dedicated to providing a quality life for their severely challenged residents. Most are incapable of living independently and require significantly more specialized care. Bethesda has created an environment in which these people can experience life similar to the rest of us. They are provided an apartment, recreational activities, a church, a bank, a restaurant, cafeterias, a theatre, TV rooms, and, if they desire, a job. Bethesda’s mission for 2006 is “Everybody Works”. They accomplish this by creating individual work stations designed specifically for the unique abilities of each resident. This focused approach allows each resident the opportunity to experience the rewards we all do from employment, a satisfaction of accomplishment and an income they can save or spend as they see fit. All of these things exist on the Bethesda Lutheran Services Campus located in Watertown, WI .


Although difficult to confirm exactly, our best research indicates that somewhere between 25 and 30 million residential projects occurred last year. This number includes both new construction and remodeling projects. If only a small percentage of the future projects utilized the Time Capsule it will have a profound impact on the lives of many sick children.


The idea is to encourage everyone to become more involved with their particular construction project. Preparation and installation of the Time Capsule should be a family event. We believe that preserving a part of today for the future is somewhat mystical; not knowing when or by whom the Time Capsule will be found is an interesting contemplation, but, what we know for sure is that it will be appreciated by the one who finds it…..knowing they were anticipated years before.


It is our objective to raise and donate as many dollars as possible each year for the purposes of reducing the suffering of children world-wide. Recipients of all donations will be determined by us and our retailers (as we are open to donating to their favorite children’s charity). All donated monies will be tracked on our web-site.

The web-site will also allow people to register the installation of their Time Capsule in their home or business if they should so choose.


Our goal is to create relationships with, and provide product to, as many retail and organizational outlets as possible. In particular, we intend to see our product sold in the following retailers in 2007: (If anyone can help getting into these companies, please let us know how!)

Menards – The Home Depot – Sears – Lowe’s – True Value – Ace Hardware


Marketing efforts will also be pursued through both the Remodeling and New Home Construction organizations and associated Foundations nationwide.


Our objective is clear and perhaps a bit noble, but we certainly don’t claim to know it all. We are not marketing experts, we’re just a couple of carpenters with an idea, but we realize how important it is that this effort is successful. The long term benefits [like the person who locates a hidden Time Capsule] are unknown; but, to believe that we have in our power the ability to save lives, possibly hundreds or thousands of lives, drives us daily to do everything in our power to bring this product to the forefront of the marketplace. We believe every Time Capsule sold can increase the likelihood and timeline to making so many lives so much better.


In closing, we are hopeful you can sense our enthusiasm for not only the idea, but the impact it can have on so many lives. We are hopeful all of you will assist us in our efforts in penetrating the construction marketplace by purchasing a Time Capsule and encouraging all of your local Remodeling Contractors and New Home Builders to provide a Time Capsule to each of their clients.

We thank you for taking the time to read this information and for any efforts you may provide in the selling of the Time Capsules.

Feel free to contact either of us by telephone or email for any thoughts or ideas you may have regarding the Time Capsules or any other product you believe would be worth pursuing.

Best regards,

Jeff Auberger

Kevin Anundson



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