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Green Building

What is Green remodeling? It starts with the design. All remodeling projects should be designed with minimal amounts of waste. Green design can mean simply a smaller, more functional space, as smaller spaces use less energy and less building materials. Green design can also incorporate many socially responsible elements.

Our “green” remodels may include better indoor air quality through the use of low VOC paints and the omission of products containing formaldehyde. The use of sustainable products such as Bamboo flooring and Lyptus cabinetry, along with concrete based products or products made from recycled materials are environmentally friendly.

Energy-efficient appliances and lighting should be used on every remodel, as these items consume less energy, ultimately costing less to operate and creating less of a burden on the environment.

We are committed to keeping as much waste out of the landfill as possible. We do this on every job by donating left-over products and reusable building materials that we remove from a home to organizations such as Milwaukee NARI for their annual rummage sale, or to Community Warehouse or Re-store, used building material suppliers that sell and donate these usable products to the underprivileged.

Green remodeling is not all or nothing, you can pick and choose. You can utilize all of the elements we mentioned and more, or you can take comfort in knowing that we use some level of green remodeling in every project we do. We use windows that have low-e coated, Argon gas filled glass and low U-values. We also use insulation that exceeds the minimum requirements, and water saving plumbing fixtures as mandated by the EPA. These are just a few of the steps we take to prove that green remodeling has something to offer for everyone. We want your home to be a comfortable, healthy and efficient home.


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