Why Owner Assisted Remodeling

At Owner Assisted Remodeling, we are committed to assisting you by doing all or some of your remodeling project.  The mission our team lives by is: “We will provide, through the eyes of our clients, a great design, build or remodel experience”.   This focal purpose within our team ensures the desired results for our clients.

At Owner Assisted Remodeling we create and embrace a remodeling environment of client empowerment.  Through experience and education, we will help you design and complete your remodeling project on time and on your budget.  We encourage you to perform the elements of your project that you are comfortable with, and let us handle the rest.  Some of our clients do their own demolition, others install tile, some are great painters, and still others are great deal shoppers and supply the specific products necessary to complete their project.  Together, we’ll determine the labor or products you can provide, and we’ll do the rest.  Then, together we’ll build it as we planned it.  You’ll experience the personal satisfaction of participation and accomplishment, while realizing a true cost savings. With Owner Assisted Remodeling, you can rest assured that we will strive to exceed your expectations throughout the remodeling process.

Awards and Recognition

The award winning team of Owner Assisted Remodeling/RGI looks forward to designing and building a beautiful project with you.  Together, we will assist your family to have a great remodeling experience.  Please contact us today to learn more.

Tony Rink, Principal – Business Manager
Kevin Anundson, Principal – Design & Sales
Jeff Auberger, Principal – Design & Sales